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Accidents and perils come with a sense of spontaneity. The problem is, the expenses incurred after an accident, disability, or loss of property are typically too much to bear. It is for this reason that insurance coverage should be at the core of your financial planning. At King & French Insurance Agency in Georgia, we offer coverage for a variety of insurable risks. We write commercial, motorcycle, umbrella, renters, home, auto, and boat/watercraft coverage among others.

Home insurance

Home insurance will cover your house or property against accidents like burglary and fires. This is a very vital policy to have in your insurance solutions and can provide coverage for liability incidents as well.

Commercial insurance

Commercial insurance covers your business against claims from loss, damage, injury, or even death. This ensures your business runs smoothly in the event of the risk. A worker's compensation policy is usually required for most businesses.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance ensures your motorcycle against risks like accidents and theft. To drive your bike legally on the road, you will have to acquire a minimum amount of liability insurance.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance covers your personal belongings in case of damage or loss. It also features liability coverage should you be sued for damages that occur inside your apartment. A landlord may sometimes require you to have this type of coverage as a stipulation of your leasing agreement.

Boat/Watercraft insurance

Boat insurance insures you in case of damage or loss to your boat. There is also a liability coverage that meets your litigation fees and due damages.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance covers your vehicle for accidents and non-accident risks. It pays for repair or replacement of the vehicle. It covers damages to another vehicle if you are at fault as well. This is a legal requirement in almost every state.

Umbrella insurance

This coverage option protects you against major lawsuits. It helps by providing extra liability that goes beyond the limits of a standard insurance policy.

At King & French Insurance Agency, we understand the insurance needs of the residents of Georgia. We offer reliable, custom-made solutions. Also, use our website for a quote on auto and home insurance or contact us for quotes on other insurance policies.

We look forward to working with you!

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