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Motorcycle Insurance

Georgia Motorcycle Insurance coverage

The last few years have seen an increase in motorcycle sales and registrations in Georgia. If you are a new motorcycle owner, getting insurance coverage for your ride is vital. Motorcycle insurance will pay for your financial costs for any insured accidents. King & French Insurance Agency writes motorcycle insurance tailored for motorcyclists all across the state of Georgia.

Here are some of our motorcycle coverage options:

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage will handle the replacement or repair costs of your motorcycle in the event of a collision with an object, vandalism, or from the weather. This coverage option does not pay medical bills or damage you cause to another object or vehicle.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage pays the repair cost of your motorcycle in case of an accident that you are found at fault for causing. With the upsurge in the use of motorcycles, this is a very vital policy and is important regarding full coverage.

Liability Insurance

Litigation insurance shields you against the costs you could incur if you lost a trial. This coverage option pays all the set damages by the court and the litigation fees. Georgia requires that all motorcycle riders have a minimum amount of liability to drive on state roads legally.

Personal Injury

Motorcycle accident injuries are often fatal. This coverage option eases the burden of meeting all the expenses in medical bills. This is a very vital option for a rider.

Get your coverage at King & French Insurance Agency in Georgia

Having been in the state for a while, we feature tailor-made coverage options to meet your local insurance needs. Our solutions are reliable, and the limits are based on local insurance needs. We have a team with great agents in the industry that will advise you accordingly on ideal coverage options. For example, if you take the highway daily, a collision coverage could be vital for your motorcycles health. Get in touch and let us cover your motorcycle today.

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