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Auto Insurance

In Georgia, all auto owners are required to purchase auto insurance based on federal laws. These federal laws allow the court to impose criminally-based violations for anyone who fails to meet this minimum. The following are the different types of coverage available you can get from King & French Insurance Agency.

Liability coverage

Liability coverage reflects the minimum requirements for auto insurance. It presents the owner with coverage for the initial injuries and any additional injuries sustained in the accident when at fault in an accident. The policy covers all property damage that occurs during the accident and can include the medical costs of those involved.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage offers protection for your vehicle from incidents that arise from non-collision events. This can include a falling tree limb, hail, vandalism, and much more. This policy is vital to have if you have a newer vehicle or a higher end car. It may be required by a lender if you have a loan out on your vehicle.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage covers your vehicle should you be at fault in an accident. It will repair or replace your vehicle from damages that are caused in an accident and may be required by a lender if you have a loan out on your vehicle. This is an important policy to have if you are interested in full coverage.

Under or uninsured motorist coverage

These policies provide payment for the owner if the other party is at fault and doesn’t have insurance or an adequate amount of coverage. The policies don’t present the owner with significant liabilities or losses.

In Georgia, auto owners must follow steps to fulfill the state minimum for coverage. The state requires at least liability coverage to prevent a charge of driving without insurance. This coverage reduces the possibility of a lawsuit by providing adequate coverage. You can discuss any questions that you have with King & French Insurance Agency. Contact us for a quote or try our online rating tool.

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