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Commercial Insurance

Business owners need to have commercial insurance to guard their business against potential losses caused by damage to property, injury to workers, or lawsuits. The future of your business may depend on the kind of commercial insurance policy you have. If a loss occurs, you need to make sure that your business can be able to recover quickly and lessen the loss of income which may lead to financial ruin.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Given that you use a vehicle for business, you need an auto insurance policy. In the coverage, ensure the name of the company is put in the policy rather than your own name if the vehicle is owned by the business. While most policies look the same, commercial auto insurance is different from personal auto insurance in some technical aspects.

Whether you are required to purchase a commercial auto insurance coverage is dependent on the driving you do. Your insurance provider will ask you to provide as many details as possible regarding the business vehicles like how you use them, who will be driving, and whether your employees will be driving their personal vehicles for your business.

King & French Insurance Agency in Georgia can guide you on getting the most suitable commercial insurance policy. Call us today and get the help you need.

Workers Compensation

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to your employees to ensure the workplace is safe, however, accidents have been known to occur even when all reasonable safety measures have been put into place. Due to this, employers are mandated by the law to have workers’ compensation insurance, which covers employees injured while at work, whether they are injured on the business premises or somewhere else, or in vehicle accidents while on the job. Moreover, this insurance policy covers any work-related sickness.

General Liability

This commercial insurance coverage helps to protect the business against potential lawsuits. General liability prevents a lawsuit from becoming a financial disaster by paying for losses, in the event that your business is held legally responsible or sued due to bodily injury, property damage, or any other kind of damage.

King & French Insurance Agency in Georgia has highly-qualified agents who can guide you on getting the best commercial insurance policy. Call us today and get the help you need.

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